Ezzey's Cutting

Noordkaap, Mpumalanga

tarmac route high speed

Ezzey’s Pass, also sometimes called Ezzey’s Cutting, is located on the tarred R38 road between Barberton and Kaapmuiden. This part of the Lowveld has a rich history in more ways than one, and the area is dotted with gold mines, ghost towns, and constant reminders of its past. Although the pass holds few apparent dangers, we strongly recommend that you drive this road without exceeding the speed limit, as there have been a number of serious accidents on this section. The road is narrow, with many blind corners, so keep a sharp lookout for other cars and trucks, motorcycles, pedestrians, and animals. The pass contains 23 bends, curves and corners. Take it slowly and enjoy the scenery.

Images sourced from route & surrounding area
  • Length
    9.6 km
  • Duration
    8 mins
  • Avg. Speed
    75 km/h
  • Elevation
    3450m 0m