You’ve got more great driving roads around you than you think.

Transverse helps you discover routes and have people join you for the fun.


For the drivers, the riders, the weekend trippers, the sunrise chasers, the breakfast runs, the charity runs, the mind clearers, the apex chasers, the explorers…

Transverse is for people that want to get out and drive whether it's solo or with a pack.

Don't let your ride become a garage queen, get out and drive.


Find exceptional driving roads near you, from scenic cruises to technical mountain passes.

STORE Coming Soon

Limited run, timeless apparel for the South African driving community.


Discover the best places to stop and take in the view of some great machinery, grab a coffee or a bite to eat.

TOURS Coming Soon

Curated self-driving & guided tours for every type of driver with accommodation and everything you need, sorted.

CLUBS Coming Soon

Join your favourite car clubs, or start your own. Explore routes and tours together.

RENTALS Coming Soon

Don't have your own ride that would fulfill the once-in-a-lifetime experience? Rent one-of-a-kind cars from one of our partners.

Gravel and Tarmac Routes

Whether you're an offroad enthusiast or enjoy a weekend drive in your sportscar, we have the perfect route for you.

Realtime Weather

Find the best time to drive today, or use the weather forecast to set a notification for the perfect time.

Nearby Accomm. & Restaurants

We automatically find top-rated restaurants, hotels, and other eateries and accommodation around routes, so you know there's always a place to stop and look back at your ride.

Add Your Own Routes

Add your own routes and share them with the community.

Community Based Updates

Community-based updates on routes, route ratings, comments etc. to make sure you find the best routes.

Integrated With Your GPS

We're not trying to replace your favourite navigation app, you can still use Google maps, Waze or if you prefer, a paper map.